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Join us as we highlight events for worthy causes,  celebrate the amazing people of the off-road community and share our adventures. The national event calendar is updated daily and all listings are free! If you know of a benefit or event that's not listed, please contact us. 

Welcome to our amazing community!

About US

Our Mission

We are Mike and Lena (and our Jeep called "Junior")...thankful, adventure-seeking off-roading addicts who just want to enjoy some "trail therapy" while doing some good along the way. 

We also have an amazing crew; Our President Alex,  Vice President April and our "Militia" are at the front lines, attending fundraising events and raising awareness of important causes at the grassroots level. Together, we raise awareness of the many causes, efforts and good deeds that the off-roading community accomplishes everyday.  We even created our own major event series called "One Lap of Giving".

Our 5 principles of off-roading:

W – Welcome newcomers with enthusiasm and empower them 

to ask questions

H – Help those who are less fortunate as you to enjoy this 

amazing pastime. 

E -   Encourage rather than criticize

E –  Enjoy the moment, the people and your surroundings 

L –  Lead by example - leave it better than you found it 

Welcome to our amazing community! 

Peace, Love and Adventure!
Mike & Lena

* We are huge advocates of off-road education and are both proud alumni of Northeast Off-Road Adventures

Mike, Lena & Junior (when he was a baby!)
Mike, Lena & Junior (when he was a baby!)


Mission 22


   We are so grateful there is an organization out there like Glory  Off-Road promoting our events. Their hard work and dedication will ultimately help us achieve our mission to eliminate veteran suicide. – David Wood Assistant Ambassador Program Director, Mission #22

Off-Road United Foundation


On behalf of Off Road United we are so forever grateful for Glory Off-Road and the service they offer. They strive to support to everyone in the jeeping community making difference one jeep adventure at a time. With their continuous dedication to keep everyone up to date on events throughout the US, we are able to unite and make difference for our first responders. At Off Road United we are excited for what Glory Off-Road has in store for the future as we continue to expand our mission nationwide. - Chrissy Johnson,  Co-Founder/CEO, Off Road United Foundation 

Miracles are Pink


 Just wanted to thank Glory Off-Road for the continued support for our cause and mission. Takes all of us to make a difference! – Chris, Cindy & Wayne, Miracles are Pink 

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