All Stars

Glory Off-Road Alls Stars must meet one of the following criteria:

A person or company that is -

1. Harnessing their passion for off-roading and using it for the greater good

2. Selfless and giving of their time, expertise and compassion

3. The gold standard of an #offroaderdoinggood

Past recipients include:



9/22/18 - Nicole Cicero at Jeeps Against Suicide

9/26/18 - Marco at ovrlndx 

10/3/18 - Josh and Dan at   jeepers_against_bullying

10/3/18 - Drew Hyman at  jeepnamedhavok 

10/3/18 - Scott Trager at scott.trager.98 

10/9/18 - Chris, Cindy & Wayne at miraclesarepink 

10/17/18 - Catie Locorriere-Birabent at jkcloud9 

11/14/18 - John and Mary Helms at saltysoulfl

12/14/18 - Sam Buchkovich III at buchkovich

11/1/19 - Stacey Buckner at offroadoutreach

Vendors/ Suppliers

12/1/18 - GearAmerica for building high quality recovery gear, having an amazing warranty and giving back 10% to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital

1/18/19 - GraBars USA for inventing and building quality grab bars and their wonderful work in planning/ funding a primary school in Uganda 


Hall of shame

10/27/19 - Bomber Products out of Bozeman, MT for processing payment and not delivering the product.  We not only experienced this first-hand, but have heard from multiple individuals and vendors who have also been duped. In fact, the BBB gives them an F rating (their worst)